Our services

We want you to know us, either to have breakfast, lunch or an afternoon snack, or to enjoy a dessert or even to simply pick something to take home or to offer as a gift.

At Mammy Choux, besides finding a large variety of pastries and sweets, you can have breakfast, including toasts, sandwiches, croissants, and also yogurt and fruits.

If you choose to lunch with us, you may enjoy various snacks, savouries and light meals. Difficulty will be to choose one… You can finish your meal with perfect end, a delicious sweet. It will be worth it.

For your afternoon you will have the opportunity to enjoy our collection of sweets, with our milk drinks, coffee, juices, fantastic teas or even a spirited cocktail.

Take note, don’t miss our weekends and holidays´ brunch, keeping the weekly menus.

Surprise yourself with the beautiful gift wrappers and attractive Mammy Choux Gift Cards ...

Welcome those who want to drink tea, or a tasty coffee. Welcome those who want to order our sweets, desserts or birthday cakes. We have a wide range of references for your parties or other important moments... It will be a privilege to know you, it will be a pleasure to be part of your life…

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