Gift card

The sweetest and most comfortable way to offer a gift...


How to acquire it?

The Mammy Choux Gift Card is available in the shop and can be bought at the requested value, in multiples of € 5,00.


What are the advantages?


The Gift Card is an elegant offer that does not compromise us even when we don’t know the favourite flavour of the person we want to offer it to. It has immediate availability and a validity of 6 months. It is always a successful gift since it allows you to choose from many dozens of articles that are on-site or on-demand (see Confeitisserie® ).


Terms of use

The gift card is valid for a purchase of products or services available at Mammy Choux store and it may be used by bearer as long as it is accompanied by the original purchase invoice, which has the number of the card and the value of the gift. It can only be used one time, so the value must be used all at once, if not, there will not be any compensation, reimbursement or change. The gift card won’t be replaced if it is stolen or lost, nor after its expiration date.
The gift card is valid for 6 month since its purchase.
The Mammy Choux gift card is issued and distributed by Pripandes et Gourmandises, Sociedade Unipessoal Limitada.

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