All products in store are all home-cooked by our Team and you can taste Portuguese and international sweets.

The term Confeitisserie is a concept created and registered by us and it is the word that best describes what we are: partly, a confectionary – the art of making sweets and confections; partially, a bakery with traditional products and Portuguese conventual sweets, with its timeless scents and tastes; and, finally, a French patisserie, as we use its delicate techniques and delicious recipes. As you can see in the pictures, we are a mix of all these arts.

All our sweets are home-cooked by our Team, which allows us to offer a homemade quality product.

We believe that cakes and sweets are essential to experience and appreciate good moments, either it is a celebration or a moment to share. We think it is possible to create memories to cherish forever. We work with passion and put our soul in every product so that all our sweets are mouth-watering. Our goal is to look at our clients, while tasting our products, and fill our hearts filled with pride.

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